We’re here to make listening to customers easier

Your customers are changing. But understanding what they need can be complicated.

We’ve stripped the complexity out of market research to focus on actionable evidence. Say goodbye to lengthy methodologies and death-by-Power-Point and hello to agile, digitally enabled insight designed to empower.

What we do

We’re a full-service market research agency providing a range of methods and products – creative testing, co-creation, qualitative and quantitative research – designed to meet any client challenge and make life easier along the way:

Active qualitative and quantitative research: Get the answers you need faster with ready-made survey scripts, digital fieldwork, live reporting and bite-sized debriefs.

Easy-access audiences: From bespoke, hand-picked participants to pre-recruited fully-profiled UK adults and international panels.

Co-creation forums: Work with customers in real-time to design new solutions to emerging opportunities.

In-house panels: Bring customers into decision making with digital communities engaged with your challenges.

Third Thursday: Be part of our monthly charity supporter’s pulse check for cost-effective insights and the very latest on what matters to them.

The Door Mat Test: Optimise your vital direct mail campaign before you print it with virtual reality customer testing that’s super simple to commission.

DRTV testing: Pre-test or optimise your DRTV edits with our bespoke methodology that pin-points sections of the ad that could work harder to drive response.

WhatsApp research: Put the tools for insightful research into participant’s hands – their mobile phone – creating intimate, first-person audio and video testimony.


B2B Specialist Panels

We have access to a diverse range of industries such as Healthcare, IT, FS and generic groups such as SMEs
Great for: Engaging qualitatively or quantitatively with key decision makers


Our YouSay Consumer Panel

Just under 100,000 UK adults with detailed profiling information including charity background variables
Great for: Getting reaction from a nationally representative sample e.g. prospects


Online Self-Completion Questionnaires

Quantitative research tool with a wide range of question and answer formats.
Great for: Quantifying attitudes and opinions; PR; product / comms / proposition pre-testing; brand tracking

International Sample

Consumer and B2B overseas panels in most major global territories
Great for: Multi-country consumer pre-tests, U&A studies and tracking studies


Omnibus Studies

Regular quantitative surveys for nationally representative consumer audiences and B2B markets
Great for: Asking a few questions and getting results back within 48 hours


Creative Testing Tools

Text highlight tools and image heatmaps; video sentiment analysis
Great for: Understanding what people think and notice in creative messages

Supporter Panels

Development of bespoke panels comprising of customers / supporters
Great for: Regular engagement and supporter engagement tools e.g. RSPCA Your Say

Split Tests

AB testing facilities
Great for: Testing creative / pricing / propositions in isolation


Focus Groups

Physical groups
Great for: Qualitative engagement


Online Focus Groups

Virtual groups
Great for: Qualitative engagement with harder to reach sample; avoids geographic skews; lower cost than physical groups


Ethnographic Studies

Observation studies of behaviours and reactions
Great for: Supporter experience studies where unspoken reactions are needed

Postal Surveys

Quantitative research
Great for: Reaching sample who aren’t online


Web UX Testing

Tools to track journeys of website visits
Great for: Developing and testing digital experiences


Survey Design

Project design; script writing
Great for: When a broad brief is written but survey design and script writing is needed

Mobile Engagement

Optimised tools for mobile / tablet devices
Great for: Quick polls and quick response times


In-house analysis team
Great for: Analysing results using tools such as SPSS; production of infographics

Mini Forums

Fixed time community group for a specific task
Great for: Gaining qualitative reaction over a 2 week period where participants can upload their own content

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Beautiful Insights and I am really looking forward to our next project together.”

 Innovation Insight Manager; major UK charity

Why we do what we do


We have a simple belief; beautiful outcomes will be achieved by making evidence-based decisions.

In our earlier careers as marketers, we were frustrated by how little people engaged with customers. The online world changed that, and we wanted to use our knowledge and experience to make market research more accessible to a wider range of clients.

The Beautiful Insights team are senior marketers working in research, not researchers working in marketing. That’s why clients keep coming back to us and recommend us wholeheartedly.

We have a belief that good organisations meet market demand; GREAT organisations create market demand. It’s by staying close to customers, supporters and prospects that organisations can stay ahead of their competitors and create market demand for their products and services.

We’re passionate about turning research into insights; insights into action and action into success. That’s why clients keep coming back to us and recommend us wholeheartedly.

We have a belief that good organisations meet market demand; GREAT organisations create market demand. It’s by staying close to customers, supporters and prospects that organisations can stay ahead of their competitors and create market demand for their products and services.

We’re passionate about turning research into insights; insights into action and action into success. We listen hard and work hard for our clients. That’s why they keep coming back to us and recommend us wholeheartedly.


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Get in touch

And tell us how we can help?

We’ve made it easier for charities to get the very latest views from supporters, so you can reach better decisions and adapt more quickly to a changing world.

Third Thursday is your regular monthly ‘pulse check’ of what charity supporters think and feel about the questions you want answered.

Every third Thursday, we’ll be asking a representative sample of charity supporters about crucial issues of the day, and at the same time you can ask them about the specific issues facing your charity.

We’ve kept the costs as low as we can for any questions you ask, plus you’ll get full access to the broader questions and trends we ask each month.

One question costs just £199, or you can ask three questions for £333.

Drop us a line using the form below and we’ll get in touch to discuss how the next Third Thursday can work for you.

    Who we
    work with

    We have been lucky to work with some of the most talented and ambitious clients from across sectors and markets.

    About us

    Paul Seabrook

    Founder, CEO and Quantitative Lead

    Paul Seabrook started his marketing career in the automotive industry. He witnessed first-hand the power of research when involved with the launch of challenger brand Daewoo. A car company that asked what its customers wanted, this approach resulted in the UK’s most successful car launch.

    In 2006 he co-founded fast.MAP, a specialist quantitative online research agency. Over the next 7 years he grew the business working with some of the UK’s most successful consumer brands across multiple sectors. In 2013 he founded Beautiful Insights, a full service market research agency specialising in turning questions into insights, and has since worked extensively in the charity and commercial sectors.

    Spokesperson for/expert in: Marketing Research; Automotive; Charity; Creative Testing; Supporter Panels; Thermal Heating Solutions Sector; Internal Communications; Online Market Research

    Steven Dodds

    Managing Director and Qualitative Lead

    Steven is an experienced researcher and communication strategist with 25 years in the field, the last 15 of which have been working primarily with charities in the UK, Europe and Australia.

    Prior to Beautiful Insights, he worked extensively in communication agencies, helping guide the development of successful campaigns and brands. Central to this role was understanding the use of research in the creative and innovation process, and how brands can build strong emotional connections with audiences. He also worked client-side, with senior fundraising roles in Australia and the UK.

    Based in Bristol, he is a trained qualitative researcher and cultural analyst and former chair of the Institute of Fundraising’s Insight Committee.

    Spokesperson for/expert in: qualitative research, research for effective creative development, supporter/consumer motivations, communicating insight, fundraising, internal communications

    Hannah Lyons-Tsai

    Senior Researcher and Key Account Director

    Hannah is a senior researcher and account director based in the Bristol team.

    With extensive experience across digital marketing and innovation across the commercial, social and not-for-profit sectors, Hannah is a dedicated and detail-oriented market researcher who enjoys delivering accurate and insightful research to help clients make informed business decisions.

    With a masters in innovation from Central Saint Martin’s, Hannah’s expertise lies in conducting qualitative and quantitative research, analysing market trends, and identifying consumer insights.

    Spokesperson for / expert in: Human-centred design and values-led marketing


    Get in touch


    For an informal discussion about a potential project, get in touch and we’ll always aim to get a proposal back to you within 24 hours.  If you’ve a full brief, great!  But if you don’t know where to start or have a list of possible questions, that’s all we need.  And if you have a couple of questions that need asking, we’ll always try and add them to one of our omnibus surveys; just call and we’ll try and help.

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